Pure Colors refer to certain hex codes that a pet can have. Any body part (including eyes and extras) can be pure.

Colors Edit

Recognized Pures Edit

Ovipets currently acknowledges 23 pure colors, and pets which have one or more of these colors are marked with a code in their profile. Including maroon, orange, cyan, black, white, and many other colors.

Unofficial Pures Edit

There are also some hex codes that almost every user recognizes as pure, though they are not marked with an official dot. However, there has been official discussion of granting at least some of these colors their own dot, since they have been recognized as pure almost since the beginning of the game.

  • Capri/Deep Sky Blue: 00BFFF - 0 191 255
  • Violet: 7F00FF - 127 0 255
  • Dark Red: - 8B0000 - 139 0 0
  • Dark Green
  • Dark Blue: 00008B - 0 0 139

There are also several others, which are not as popular but can also be considered somewhat "semi-official":

  • Orange Red: FF4500 - 255 69 0
  • Lime: 00FF45 - 0 2

Some pure breeders also recognize hex codes from other sites (particularly 99colors) as pure, though these are far more controversial among many users. Though recognized and bred by some, these are not considered semi-official.

These colors include:

  • Rose: FF007F - 255 0 127
  • Canary Yellow: FFEF00 - 255 239 0
  • Cadmium Yellow: FFF600 - 255 246 0
  • Amber: FFBB00 - 255 187 0
  • Azure: 007FFF - 0 127 255
  • Spring Green: 00FF7F - 0 255 127

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