every 30 days

Egg Turning

every 24 hours

Breeding Cooldown

35 hours



The soft-hearted and soft coated Pacos are originally mountain dwellers. Their amazing coats can withstand most anything nature can throw at them and they're very adaptable. The friendly Pacos are super nice to cuddle with and they really do love the company.

Pacos is one of the 28 species currently available on Ovipets.

  • This species costs Θ15 Credits to generate after it has been researched.

    Pacos' egg.

Gene research Edit

Mutations Edit

Trivia Edit

Evolution of the pacos by mf99k

Original two by Mf99k, official by Vixie87.

  • Original idea for Pacos came from Mf99k and it was created by Hedvig H-S aka vixie87.

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