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Hatchery's symbol

Hatchery's symbol.

Hatchery is a place where eggs go after when two pets are bred. All eggs need to be turned 4 times before they can hatch, but the time between one turning and the next depends on the species. Symbol with two green arrows shows that egg is turnable. Hatched pets that are unnamed will stay in hatchery until they are named.

The offspring will inherit colors and mutations from it's parents. The colors can be seen on the egg, the mutations will show at the hatched pet or if you do an DNA profile. A species must be researched to Level Five in order to do a DNA profile. You also can splice eggs to get a new mutation to the offspring.

Players can turn other people's eggs and sometimes they can get credit for reward. However, players can't hatch other people's eggs, just turn them.

Trivia Edit

  • Players that habitually turn other players' eggs are called Egg Ninjas.
  • Pets can starve in your hatchery and eggs that are not hatched for ten days will spoil.

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