every 25 days

Egg Turning

every 12 hours

Breeding Cooldown

12 hours



Haliaeetus is one of the 27 currently available species on Ovipets.


Haliaeetus' egg


The Haliaeetus is instantly available to paid users and will remain available to generate all the way to the end of July, in celebration of 4th of July. Unpaid users do have to own one before they can research this species.

Gene Research Edit

Currently, Haliaeetuses have five levels of gene research available, including the first level which you start out with. Each level unlocks new genes which you can research and then splice into eggs in your hatchery.

Level 5 unlocks these options:

  1. Gender splice
  2. DNA profiling
  3. Cloning

The only mutations unlocked at Level 5 are the seasonal ones, which are those for winter, Halloween and Easter.

Mutations Edit

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