HTML Codes are coding that allows you to alter your text or make links in various ways, the list below shows the codes and are currently being used on Ovipets.

Code ListEdit

Remove "*" before using

  • Underline - [*u]Type text here[/u]
  • Italic - [*i]Type text here[/i]
  • Strike Through - [*s]Type text here[/s]
  • Centered - [*c]type text here[/c]
  • Colored Text - [*clr=#Color Hex]Type text here[/clr]
  • Link to pet - [pet]Pet ID number[/pet]
  • Link to user - [usr]User ID number[/usr]
  • Link to group - [grp]Group ID number[/grp]
  • Clickable image - [*url=paste url here]Paste image url here[/url]
  • Clickable text - [*url=Paste url here]Type text here[/url]
  • The comment below you connected to your comment - [*b][/b] (you cant put anything else otherwise it is just bolded letters)

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