every 20 days

Egg Turning

every 8 hours

Breeding Cooldown

8 hours



The Gekkos are a diverse little group of critters. When not soaking up the sun, they're scampering about, looking for insects to munch on! These adorable little lizards will stick to your heart just as surely as they'll stick to walls!

Gekko is one of the 27 species currently available on Ovipets.

Gekko's egg.

  • This species costs Θ15 Credits to generate after it has been researched.

Gene research Edit

Research this species? It will take you 24 hours to complete and will cost you Θ20 Credits.

Mutations Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Gekko (or Gekkodinae) was winner of OviPets First Birthdays "Design Your Own Species" contest. It's concept and idea was made by Granite-Skull and it was created by Aina Shadox.

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