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Example of a dead pet.

Death occurs when an animal is not fed for a certain amount of time (for example a month or 2 weeks).

However, pets can be revived for 1 credit after they die. When pet has been dead for 6 months, the pet cannot be revived, since the ghost went to "Ovi Heaven.", a conjectural name for the site's heaven.

Pet Slaughtering/killing/murdering Edit

Sometimes, a "pet murderer", "pet slaughterer" or "pet killer" will take a pet for adoption and slaughter it. Sometimes, the pets are for others. These users are usually blocked and reported. Sometimes, they even get banned for this purpose.

Slaughtered pets cannot be given back to the owner, since the pet killer/murderer/slaughterer owned the pet (unless it is forced to give back before death, but it is maybe unlikely to happen.).

Trivia Edit

  • Some users believe there's a place called "Ovi Heaven". It is where dead pets go (until revived).
  • Pets that died will be faded out, making the pet into a soul.
  • Unnamed pets can also as well, obviously, starve to death.
  • Eggs can spoil, making it automatically discarded.
  • There is a feature that prevents pets from dying by feeding them. Vacation Mode are mostly for vacations.
  • Pets that die cannot be fed or breed.
  • Ovus, an endangered, meant-for-testing pet, only has, unfortunately, one of its species left. It's said that if the last one dies, the Ovus will be extinct. (Unless the owner revives it for 1 credit if possible)
  • Some species take a long time to kill, others die quick, like an Ovus.
  • Pets that are discarded or slaughtered by their owners or pet slaughterer/killer/murderers can not be revived.

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