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Colors are inherited from parents to offspring.

They are not inherited like mutations with a yes/no-decision but mixed.

If, for example one parent is white and the other black the offspring will most likely have a gray tone.

There are two ways the colors are shown.

  1. In HTML-style (looks like this: FA3B7D)
  2. If you move over the colored spot, there are the red green and blue, values shown (looks like this: 221 - 36 - 15)

Some colors are more beautiful than others and harder to breed. This are usually worth more. The most valued ones are called pures.

The colors are inherited as follows: for each color (red, blue, green) the parents are the borders of what is possible.The child's colors will be inbetween the two.

Example: parents have 212 - 36 - 100 and 188 - 45 - 88

then the children will have a red-value between 188 and 212, green between 36 and 45 and blue between 88 and 100, which will make a muddy red or red-violet in this example.

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