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Catus by kamirah-d5iw5og


every 21 days

Egg Turning

every 12 hours

Breeding Cooldown

12 hours



The Catus are easy going creatures with sweet manners. Happiest when they get to lazy about in the sun, getting scratched under the chin or if they've just had a long nap - playing around with a toy. They're lovely companions and the most faithful friends.

Catus is one of the 26 species currently available on Ovipets.



A catus egg

In order to create starter Catus, you must first research the species. Researching the species requires owning a Catus of your own. They can either be borrowed or purchased from a friend, or adopted at the adoption center.

Gene researchEdit

Currently, Catus has five levels of gene research available, including the first level which you start out with. Each level unlocks new genes which you can research level 5 however only gives you these options research level 5 however only gives you these options

  1. Gender splice
  2. DNA profileing
  3. Cloning

the only time you get mutations in level 5 are the limited mutations which are the winter mutations, Halloween mutations, and Easter mutations the times Ovipets gives you with these mutations are the only time you can splice mutations from level 5 into eggs in your hatchery.

Mutations Edit

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