Male Ovus

There is a huge argument going on about the latest Sterilization feature. People were begging to make it reversible because the last male Ovus was sterilized. A female may be found and because Ovi the ovus is sterilized, They cannot breed whatsoever.

Another argument about the Ovus is that it is a test species and cannot be generated. Many users want an Ovus but it can not be generated. Many messages were sent into Ovipets but they will not bring them back. Nobody can ever get an Ovus again, no matter how desperate they are...

The ovus is forgotten. The staff at Ovipets will not post anything about it on the news or their Facebook page. Although a quarter of Ovipets players know it exists and are trying to save it.

There is a possibility that they might return, They could be upgraded to look like a spikey phoenix or a penguin to make it look more realistic and less like a child's drawing.

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