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Advent Calendar is a feature on Ovipets that is only available on December. Each of the 25 days has a special gift for a user. Most of the gifts are mutations for different species or credits. If you are a paid user, you are able to get all of the gifts. However, unpaid users can only get 15 of them.

Advent Calendar 2015 Edit


Gifts Edit

Calendar by starcatcherpisces-d9ld384

Completed calendar.

Day 1: Gryphus mutation - Penguin Wings
Day 2: Catus mutation - Fawn Tail
Day 3: Ovis mutation - Winter Coat (for paid users)
Day 4: Cetacea mutation - Seal Tail
Day 5: Canis mutation - Winter Tail
Day 6: 100 Credits (for paid users)
Day 7: Canis mutation - Winter Fur Legs
Day 8: Cetacea mutation - Seal Head (for paid users)
Day 9: Canis mutation - Fluffy Floppy Ears
Day 10: Gryphus mutation - Penguin Tail
Day 11: Canis mutation - Winter Fur Body (for paid users)
Day 12: Catus mutation - Fawn Ears
Day 13: Draconis mutation - Moose Antlers
Day 14: 5 Quick Hatches (for paid users)
Day 15: Gryphus mutation - Penguin Body
Day 16: Cetacea mutation - Seal Fins
Day 17: 100 Credits (for paid users)
Day 18: Cattus mutation - Fawn Body
Day 19: 5 Quick Hatches (for paid users)
Day 20: Rattus mutation - Deer Antlers
Day 21: Canis mutation - Saint Bernard Head (for paid users)
Day 22: Catus mutation - Deer Antlers
Day 23: 5 Multi Splices (for paid users)
Day 24: Ovis mutation - Deer Antlers
Day 25: Lupus mutation - Ice Wings (for paid users)

Advent Calendar 2016 Edit

Xmas 2016

Gifts Edit

Completed advent

Completed calendar.

Day 1: Feline mutation - Cougar Head
Day 2: Rattus mutation - Candy Cane Tail
Day 3: Ursa mutation - Polar Bear Body (for paid users)
Day 4: Catus mutation - Forest Cat Mane
Day 5: Avi mutations - Ice Swan + Ice Swan Legs
Day 6: 100 Credits (for paid users)
Day 7: Avi mutations - Ice Swan Wings + Ice Swan Tail
Day 8: Serpentes mutation - Frost Back 
Day 9: 5 Quick Hatches (for paid users)
Day 10: Draconis mutation - Ice Spikes
Day 11: Vulpes mutation - Fawn Body
Day 12: Equus mutations - Ice Forelock + Ice Mane + Ice Tail (for paid users)
Day 13: Equus mutation - Icicle Horn
Day 14: 100 Credits (for paid users)
Day 15: Gekko mutation - Snow Flake Cheeks + Snow Flake Back
Day 16: 10 Quick Hatches (for paid users)
Day 17: Lepus mutation - Fawn Ears
Day 18: Cetacea mutations - Walrus Head + Walrus Body + Walrus Tail (for paid users)
Day 19: Gryphus mutations - Yeti Body
Day 20: 5 Multisplices (for paid users)
Day 21: Pacos mutation - Full Suri
Day 22: Lupus mutations - Gingerbread Head + Gingerbread Body + Gingerbread Tail (for paid users)
Day 23: Lotor mutation - Snowy Owl Wings
Day 24: 5 Multisplices (for paid users)
Day 25: Haliaeetus mutations - Avalanche Wings + Avalanche Tail

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